Built on years of development, backed by organizations seeking far‑reaching change.

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Built on years of development, backed by organizations seeking far‑reaching change.

Frequency will be a Polkadot parachain built on technology in development since 2019. Seeking to enable a billion people to have more agency over their data, Frequency delivers essential tooling to create a next generation of people-centric social networking apps that offer consumers more control and choice.

The project originated with Unfinished, a social impact organization with a network of partners across technology, academia, social impact and the arts. Early work was also funded by Project Liberty, an initiative to support a more equitable architecture for the digital world.

The first phase of work focused on delivering the social network as core Internet functionality by developing the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol. DSNP serves as a public resource, completely unlinked to financial incentives.

Frequency is the second stage of work, and unlocks decentralized social networking at scale for the first time. Frequency gives builders a revolutionary pricing model designed to support sustainable businesses, and aims to be a common path to put Web3 features in the hands of the everyday Internet user.

“Once individuals control their identities and data, you open a completely new landscape for use cases and business models.”

  • 2022

    • Frequency is revealed at Polkadot Decoded in New York and Buenos Aires as a project to focus on bringing a new Layer 1 solution to market

    • Frequency begins running on Polkadot Rococo testnet relay chain

  • 2021

    • DSNP spec is released with smart contracts on the Ethereum Ropsten and Rinkeby testnets

    • Evaluation of over 30 public blockchains to identify path to production-grade implementation of DSNP begins

  • 2020

    • DSNP whitepaper is published, and spec work begins on protocol

    • Full end to end prototype of DSNP is built, with web and mobile applications interacting with the social graph via Ethereum testnets

  • 2019

    • Unfinished funds development of the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP)

    • Work begins on DSNP to enable a universally accessible, shared social graph that functions as a public utility

“There's so much innovation potential there—we're still the early 90s equivalent of what we can do with social networking.”