We have entered an
unprecedented era of
innovation in social networks.

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Innovate freely with
production-grade infrastructure that scales to millions of users.

Decentralized social unlocks an entirely new era of apps in which people — not platforms — can control the way social networks work. But transactions at the frequency of messages, posts, and likes overwhelm a blockchain network or business operation expenses before an app reaches mass adoption scale. Frequency is a Polkadot parachain that solves for this gap. It is purpose-built to deliver Web3 social functionality at Web 2.0 scale.

Designed to meet the needs of business builders.

Delivers compounding network effects of a universal, app-agnostic social graph

Architecture bypasses common Web3 user experience issues

Dramatically cuts blockchain transaction costs and pricing volatility

Shifts blockchain cost from OPEX to CAPEX to support sustainable business models

Frequency gives builders high volume blockchain transactions at low, predictable costs.